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About Al-Mustansiriyah University Website
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2016/08/16 | 11:56:55 : AM | 2189

About Al-Mustansiriyah University Website

Phase of University Website Development


Phase 1

 Fixed pages with no applications and  required a programmer to change the simplest content such as publishing news or changing forms.


Phase 2

Dynamic pages enable publication of images and news, however, limited, allowed publishing, editing and deletion as each time a form or a section needed a programmer to be added by a certain script with a lack of central management of sections

In addition to the difficulty of suitability for new applications and lack of necessary academic details coverage as well as  the difficulty of dealing with the presentation of smart phone applications. Number of administration pages of the University did not exceed 20, noting that this application was programmed during the period of dynamic websites.


 Phase 3

 Addressing the possibility of adopting one of the paid models created by companies to complete the website in accordance with the specifications mentioned above, this option was dispensed for high cost and limited specifications.


Phase 4

 The university website was done by efforts of Avicenna center staff in virtue to the required specifications within a short time compared with companies. The Center earned more than 22 million dinars for the University and more than two million dinars in terms of purchase and management of hosting and technical specifications. The current website contains 123 administration boards including 13 boards for colleges, 86 for scientific departments, 18 for university departments, and 6 for centers.

New Website Features


1 - central management

It controls the university pages and centrally, it can configure, delete sections and pages as well as control over the authorizers and give them powers in accordance with work requirements.

2 - Professional Design

website colors and contents were chosen in a way that ensures comfort to the user according to what is used in the best international websites and provides the consistency of codes in a way that allows the spread of the contents at search engines.

3 - High security

 The website is designed to comply with international security standards (W3C) and tested among the test platforms adopted globally.

4 - Openness and the possibility of expansion

The website is programed in a way that enables it to be compatible with most systems and the possibility of adding applications for the management of university transactions electronically.

5 - Ease to be administrated  

Anyone can administrate the sub forms simply without the need for software expertise.


Today, the university website is the official website that deals with the activities of al- Mustansiriyah University in its colleges, departments, and centers.

The website includes a brief description of the duties of the university president and the university council, a historical brief about the university, and its vision, mission and objectives.

It also contains the names of former presidents of the university

,names of the most important figures who graduated from the university, staff affairs, administrative instructions, conferences, seminars, government, private universities and Arab and foreign institutions links as well as those related to researcher. It also included standard tests, archive of university news, the organizational structure of university presidency, colleges and centers, cumulative statistics, and Planning and follow-up.

The website also includes the news and activities of the university in all its formations and media deals with the documentation of video, audio and video activities, and the services provided by the university, including the websites of the scientific journals of the colleges,  e-learning system which includes  applications of the academic program for teachers and students, Performance, citizen affairs, student affairs, book indexes, names of graduates of previous years, links of university journals , university guidance , university magazine, Qurtas magazine, electronic magazine, The university's distinguished students, student activities, multimedia, virtual touring , authority guidance , services ,the electronic government project ,  electronic gate for the Department of Missions and Cultural Relations, updating   unified national card,  passport form,  electronic form for driving  license.*


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