Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
وزارة التعليم العالي و البحث العلمي
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AL Mustansiriyah University
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   Scientific Reseach   The creation of the university gardens  Maintenance of fuel pipeline  The creation of the university gardens  The distribution of fuel to the dormitories complexes  Acts of Agricultural Division of the College of Sciences  The receipt of fuel    Agriculture Plant fences   pest control  pest control  Control campaigns  Fuel distribution  Switch Oils  Perkins generator maintenance      Maintenance Lighting   pest control   Distribution of fuel  Repair generating Perkins  Perpetuating generators  Generator malfunction  Repair generator  Maintenance  Ground corridors University        Unit Operator              Unit carpentry  Maintenance Split                        Latest News  Latest News          Latest News  Sustain the gardens    cut  Dye kitchen  Sustain the campaign    Maintenance of the fountain    Install lanterns  Maintenance chairs  Maintenance of electro-luminescent  Following cleaning  Club student of the university maintenance  Maintenance cloning device  Maintenance cloning device  Maintenance of generators  The formation of Elias  Unit Operator  a celebration  Install a fountain  Carrying rubble  Furniture manufacturing  Clean surfaces League  Office table manufacturing  Planting seedlings  Growing plants  Generator maintenance  Switch oil  Pipeline inauguration  Materials for paint  Tube Kaz  Maintenance  Materials for paint  Fuel processing  Maintenance cloning device  Pruning plants  Dye works  Maintenance toilet  Maintenance of the electrical board  Maintenance of the electrical board  Rehabilitation  Creating parks  Maintenance heater  Sustain generators  Sustain the gardens  Sustainable development of the gardens  Fuel processing  Sustain the gardens  Perpetuate the garden 1  Daily acts of University Gardens  اعمال لجنة الجمالية  Perpetuate  Cleaning parks  Switch oils  Dye Office Furniture  Dye works  Cleaning Campaign  Iron fence work  Remove bushes  Rehabilitation  Central Library Park  Sustain the gardens  Creating a garden  Generator maintenance  Perpetuate the stadium  Creating a garden   Switch oils  Alkzanaa plant propagation  Individualize plants  Sustain generator  Perpetuate generating 500 KV  Switch engine oil  Maintenance and welding of car  Maintenance hoods Almnholat  Reactive palm  Cut and trim Elias  Iron fence  Rehabilitation of gardens  rose  Seasonal flowers  Seasonal flowers in the University Gardens  Painting works  Maintenance of the main corridor of the university  Anti-Lending  Pour floors  Monument shed  Reorder the concrete blocks  Rehabilitation  Rehabilitation of students' entrance  Cultivation of seasonal plants  Oil switch  Carrying agricultural rubble  Watering gardens  Cleaning generators  Trim Yas  Remove the bushes  Change engine oil  Removal of agricultural rubble  Watering gardens  Maintenance of generator  Cleaning generators  Patented  Maintenance of generator  Planting of dark plants  Trimming plant fencing   Oil switch  Fight rodents  Cut and trim  Landscaping  Trim the plant fencing  Trimming plant fencing  Format the pitch  Maintenance of bathrooms  Painting works  Cleaning works  Install optical bulletins