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About the University
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About the University

Al Mustansiriyah School

         Al-Mustansiriyah School was established by the Abbasid caliph Al Mustansirbellah in 625 AH (1227 AD) in the center of Baghdad. It was one of the oldest Arab Islamic universities that considered as an important scientific resource that had taught Islamic jurisprudence according to the four schools and was receiving students from all around the Arab Islamic countries.

Departments of Al Mustansiriyah School

       The school was a major Islamic university, in which all known sciences were taught at that time. The school had a strict system for determining the number of teachers and students absorbed by it. The study at Al Mustansiriyah School was at the expense of the Islamic state and it had many sections in addition to the study departments. The service sections including the storehouse where the study materials were kept. At the entrance to the school, the amazing clock was set up in which some of the Arabic books were mentioned. The clock was used to guide people to prayer times, working day and night in a sophisticated scientific manner indicating the interest of Arab scientists in time. Since 1940, the school had been a big "Khan" for those coming to Baghdad. It is called "Musafer Kana", a Turkish word. It was a stop for travelers especially those working in river transport. After restoration in 1940, the Department of Archeology managed to restore Al-Mustansiriyah school. As the building was affected by groundwater due to its location at the banks of Tigris, it was renewed in 1960 aiming to restore most of the parts of the building into its original state. The building was expanded to become an area of ​​about 4836 square meters. The Department of Antiquities and Heritage rehabilitated the rectangular open courtyard, (62.40) meters long and 27.40 meters wide, in addition to the restoration and maintenance of the prayer house (the school mosque). All these works were done with fine yellow-colored bricks to restore the school's historical transfiguration and originality.

Al-Mustansiriyah University 

         Al-Mustansiriyah University is one of the Iraqi public universities, named after Al- Mustansiriyah school founded at the era of Abbasids in Baghdad in 1233 AH by Caliph al-Mustansirbillah. Al-Mustansiriyah university is an important scientific and cultural center located in Rusafa, Baghdad.Al Mustansiriyah is the name that invokes the greatness of the Arab-Islamic civilization when Baghdad was the core of thinkers and the source of intellectual output. From this immortal meaning, Al- Mustansiriyah University was founded in 1963. It consists of 13 colleges, mostly in Rusafa, the colleges of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy are located next to the educational hospitals in Karkh, Baghdad. It also includes six centers, three of which are medical. The colleges included Education, Engineering, Basic Education, Law, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Political Science, Physical Education and Sports Science, and Tourism Science).

The Centers are Al-Mustansiriyah Center for Arabic and International Studies, Iraqi Center for Cancer Research and Genetics, the center for Diabetes Research, the National Center for Hematology and Computer Center, Center of Continuing Education .

The University offers scientific, industrial and economic consults for institutions through its advisory offices.The University of Mustansiriyah is one of the largest Iraqi universities that offers pure and applied humanities, its colleges grant bachelor, diploma, master, and doctorate degrees in various disciplines.

College of Medicine

         College of Medicine was established in 1975  representing the fourth pillar of Al-Mustansiriyah University beside three other colleges. The first 96 students - batch was accepted in the academic year 1975 .Since that ,the number of students was increased as the graduated skilled  doctors over the past forty years ( 1980-1981 to 2014-2015 )  was about 8000 graduates and 1100 postgraduates.
   In the field of medical education, the College aims to prepare professional physicians to provide medical services to citizens in line with developments in the field of medicine and public health. It also trains doctors in the field of basic medical and clinical specializations for the purpose of obtaining higher certificates.The College also aims to promote the community health by:

1 - Medical education.

2 - Medical  research.

3 - Provide medical  and preventive services developed in both quality and quantity.


The Academic Departments of the College

1 - Department of Pediatric

2 - Department of Internal Medicine

3 - Department of Surgery

4 - Department of Women and Obstetrics

5 - Department of Community Medicine

6 - Department of Microbiology

7 - Department of Pathology

8 - Department of Pharmacology

9 - Department of Physiology

10- Department of Biochemistry

11- Department of Anatomy

  College of Dentistry

          College of Dentistry was established in 2000 to provide the community with doctors in the field of dentistry. The first batch accepted was of 68  students . The 5620 m 2, high specifications building  of the college is located in Karkh , Baghdad. The College provides the community with services through activities held in and outside the college annually conducted  by the university .Lecturers conduct researches  that include field tests on oral and dental diseases and get outputs  on ways of prevention. The College plan includes health awareness programs for school students as well as some preventive programs to reduce tooth decay and gingivitis with the distribution of some educational articles and posters. In terms of scientific activities, it publishes a pioneer periodic scientific journal called the Journal of Dentistry of Al-Mustansiriyah that is recognized for its acridity by workers in the field of dentistry.

The College Departments

1 - Department of Oral and gum surgery .  

2 - Department of Dental Treatment .

3 - Departmentof Children, Orthopedics and Prevention.

4 -Department of Dental Industry.

5 - Department of Oral Medicine.

6 -Department of Oral Diseases.

7- Department of Basic Sciences.



College of Pharmacy

       College of Pharmacy is one of the new colleges established in 1999-2000, a scientific and educational institution that provides the community with graduates of scientific skills in the field of medicine manufacturing and control . In addition to the professional skilled  graduates in many other fields such as  Laboratory and clinical analysis, drug inquiries, toxicology, teaching, and medical research .The student graduates after finishing five academic years.

Academic Departments

1 - 
Department of Pharmagology

2- Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry 

3 - Department of Drugs and Toxics 

4 - Department of Laboratory and Clinical Sciences

5 - Department of Pharmaceutics 

6 - Department of Drugs and Medical plants  



College of Science

       College of Science was established in 1963, consisted of two departments; Mathematics and Physics  .The college presents qualified staffs in the fields of physics and mathematics. In 1980, Chemistry department was opened and the study was developed to keep up with world development. As a result of this success, there was an ambition for establishing Life Sciences Department till it was established in 1983. In 1987, another two disciplines, Atmospheric Sciences and Solar Energy ,were established .Then , in 1992 ,Atmospheric Sciences was considered as a department by its own. Era of accelerated information technology, internet and e-governments was interduced convocking to establish Computer Department in 1996.At the present time, college of Sciences consists of  six departments connected to each other ,reaching the aimed level to provide the country with qualified staffs in applied sciences.

Departments of the College


1- Department of Physics

2- Department of Mathematics

3- Department of Life Sciences

4- Department of Computer Science

5- Department of Atmospheric Sciences

6- Department of Chemistry


College of Arts

        College of Arts was established since the foundation of the university in 1963 and consisted of four departments (Arabic, English, Education, and Psychology) .Then it expanded into eight departments, the last of which was Anthropology Department in 2003-2004 , Department of History in 2005-2006, and Department of Media ,in addition to the Institute of Arabic Language Teaching for Non-Arabic Speakers attached to the College. Studies in most of its departments offer three certificates , namely:

1 - Bachelor degree

2 - Master degree

3 - PhD degree

Departments of the College


1- Department of Arabic Language

2 - Department of English Language

3 - Department of French Language

4 - Department of Translation

5 - Department of Information and Libraries

6 - Department of Psychology

7 - Department of Philosophy

8 - Department of Anthropology

9 - Department of History

Centers and Institutes Attached to the College

A - The Institute of Arabic Language Teaching for Non-Arabic Speakers

B - Center for live languages.

Tasks of the Scientific Affairs Unit

       The unit recommends the appointment of some professors in the departments of the college, holds conferences and symposia, organizes cultural events, supervises the activities of post graduate students, recommends the printing of scientific books by professors and approves their publications, approves the authenticity of the researches, nominates for scientific scholarships and courses of teaching methods .In addition to the linguistic revising of theses.

College of Education

          College of Education was established in 1976 in order to meet the requirements of the comprehensive development plans the country witnessed and the great expansion in the higher education sector and vaccinate this vital sector with specialized, qualified educational and professional staffs to contribute effectively to the formation and preparation of the new generation .The college was limited to physics and mathematics departments,then expanded as the Department of Educational Guidance was established in 1977 to prepare qualified educational guides for schools. In 1986, Departments of History, Arabic language and Computer was established .Department of Geography was opened in 1988-1989.Then, in 1997, the Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences was opened. 1999 witnessed the openning of  the Department of Teaching Methods of Holy Quran and Islamic Education . The college grants the bachelar certificate according to the specialization in each department after the students finish a four years study.

College of Management and Economics

       College of Management and Economics is a scientific and educational institution that has exceeded forty-one years, a period full of developments and progresses aimed at enhancing the scientific situation.The emergence of the college was associated with the emergence of Al-Mustansiriyah university in 1968.During the same year,  Science and Culture Society was authorized to establish  a private university called "Al-Sha’ab University" .On the 20th of September 1964, the cabinet approved that it merged with the university of Baghdad and was named the university college . The cabinet issued a verdict in which the college was considered a private institution in 13/6/1965.Since the establishment until 1968, the college services were limited to the evening studies in the fields of economics, accounting and business administration. A diploma was developed in the agricultural cooperatives in the academic year 1970/1971 and was canceled in 1974/1975. Then, Statistics Department was established in 1971.The study of diplomas in the fields of marketing, stores management and accounting was established in 1975 and was canceled in 1981/1982. Department of Tourism was introduced in 1985.Departments of Accounting and  Business Administration was separated in 1987/1988.


College of Basic Education

      College of Basic Education was established in the first of July, 1993 corresponding the 11th  of  Muharam 1314 A.H., offers the scientific and humanitarian studies  throughout   four  academic years to obtain the bachelor certificate. The  college adopts eight  semesters of study as the students enroll to  take seven theoretical semesters and a last practical one to apply the theoretical part of their study  at the basic schools .After the eighth semesters  , the  student prepares his/her graduation research.


The College Departments


 1- Department of Arabic Language

 2 - Department of Mathematics

 3 -Department of History 

 4 -Department of Geographic 

 5 - Department of Sciences

 6 - Department of English Language

 7 - Department of Computer

 8 - Department of kindergarten

 9 - Department of Physical Education

10 - Department of Artistic Education

11 - Department of First Class Teacher

12 - Department of Special Education

13 - Department of Educational Guidance

14 - Department of Family Education and Artistic Works

15 - Department of Islamic Education.


College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences

     College of Physical Education was established in July 2006 to form the first nucleus for a landmark in the physical educational science and a source of radiation that contributed to the graduation of qualified scientific and educational teaching staffs for secondary schools and to spread awareness and sports culture. The College grants the Bachelor certificate after the students finish four years of study in addition to a Master, and PhD in Sports Science.


Departments of the College

1- The theoretical sciences department, prepares, develops and teaches the theoretical curriculum and the supporting materials.

2- The applied Science department , prepares, develops and teaches  applied materials (practical).

College of Tourism Sciences

      Tourism and hotel studies were established in 1972 as the college of Administration and Economics granted the diploma till 1984/1985 ,since that , certificate of diploma was canceled and the Bachelor degree was introduced in the next year. The department was transformed in to a specialized college for tourism and hotel management in August 2013 becoming the first college specialized in the field of tourism and hotel science in Iraq .The College aims to achieve the following objectives:

1- Establishment of the undergraduate and post graduate  studies in the field of tourism and hotel science and scientific research development.

2- Preparation of specialized scientific staffs contribute to the fields of tourism and hospitality that meet the needs of Iraqi community.

3- Local and international cooperation with related colleges and departments in the fields of scientific research, development, conferences, seminars, and workshops.

4- Local and international contribution to the dissemination of tourism culture in the community through organizing seminars, conferences and exhibitions using all means of communication.

5- Local and international promoting of tourism products and related services through the organization of  effective promotional campaigns.

6- Activating the administrative role of the college related to the development of the educational process in the specialization of tourism.

7- Coping with problems facing Iraqi hotel organizations and provide  consultations.

The College Departments

1- Department of Hotel Management.

2- Department of Tourism.

College of Law

      College of Law was established in 1963 .The college was associated with the university of Baghdad in 1977 for technical reasons .After a 12 graduates batches, it was reopened in 1998. Till now, it has 30 years of academic excellence. The College grants bachelor in Law and Master in the Public and Private Law.



College of Political Science

      College of Political Science was established by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Directorate of Studies, Planning and Follow-up, Department of Studies and Planning No. 3/1995 ,the 7th  of  June 2005, addressed  to the University of Mustansiriyah book No. 6493 on 16th   of  June 2005, After the Higher Institute of Political and International Studies at Al-Mustansiriyah University was canceled  .Then, the college  called for the admission to the study for the academic year (2005-2006) as one of the colleges that offers humanities.


Strategies to Achieve Objectives

1- Effective role  in the preparation of specialized staffs in political science based on the scientific and academic methodology that supports the ability to academic research and practical work in the field of teaching the specialization for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

2 - Offering qualified staffs to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Iraqi embassies, and international organizations to  represent the country internationally as well as contributing to the strengthening of public relations , media and the press.

3- Activating the  scientific research in the political and social field and provision of  consultations to political entities, parties, organizations , state departments, and related institutions in coordination with Iraqi, Arab and international universities.

4 - Qualification of  teaching staffs in the field of political science to serve the process of political transformation through the legislative elections and provincial councils that require the provision of specialized staff as well as teaching  democracy and human rights being a basic subjects in all stages of study.

5- Continuing revision  of academic methodologies, methods of assessment and evaluation to ensure the College goal through its high quality of academic programs in accordance with international standards.


1 - Department of political Ideology.

2- Department of Political Regimes .

3 - Department of Political Relation

College of Engineering

       College of Engineering was established by virtue of the decision of the Council of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. 5 at its 59th meeting held on 24/8/1985 as the country was in need of specialized scientific competencies of engineers with different specializations in spesific fields such as construction , industry, and  energy. The evening study was introduced at the college in (1994-1995)  to insure the economic support of the college  members and staff  at that time.

 The College Departments

1 - Department of Civil Engineering

2 - Department of Electrical Engineering

3 - Department of Mechanical Engineering


       The college  was expanded after the establishment of four new departments by the staff efforts of the three basic departments mentioned above as they were opened respectively  :

4- Department of Environmental Engineering, (1994-1995), 50 students.

5- Department of Computer and Software Engineering ,(1996-1997), 30 students.

6- Department of Roads and Transportation Engineering ,(1998-1999), 49 students.

7- Department of Material Engineering ,(1998-1999), 42 students.

8- Department of Architectural Engineering (2013-2014), 17 students.*

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