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Mission ,Vision ,Values & Goals
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2016/07/17 | 10:09:56 : AM | 7490

Mission ,Vision ,Values & Goals

        Being the live expanse of al-Musransiriyah school founded in 625 e 1227,The university of Mustansiriyah  considered one of the oldest university in the world  ,a  remarkable institution  with expertise of  a very wide range of disciplines .The superb academic and support that comes with membership of College communities. Our 790-year history supports our present excellence and future aspirations. In Baghdad, the university provides  public and private sectors with staffs  and youth energies that help  rebuilding  Iraq , committing  themselves to develop the country and  achieve the ambition of modern state that serves the ultimate goals ; stability, growth and prosperity.


        The university  is dedicated  to be internationally distinguished in educational and scientific research papers  to stand for its cultural heritage.


         AL-Mustansiriyah  provides distinctive education, produces  accredited research papers  and commits  to  values ​​enhance the citizenship spirit in the  Iraqi society.


       The University  is Committed  to the Iraqi community  values ​​, aims to enhance  tolerance and moderation and  believes in:

  - Equal opportunities and freedom of academic thought.

-  Transparency and compliance with Iraqi principles and laws.

  - Quality, creativity, and excellence.

  - Knowledge production and scientific innovation.


-Prepare distinctive educational programs Achieve a promising learning environment

-Produce specialized professional staffs

- Produce innovative scientific research papers with innovative features.

- Assessment and continuous improvement of performance and achievement.

 - Develop administrative systems and processes coincided the scientific movement and technical progress.

- Create bridges of communication and partnership with regional and international             

universitiesand  aspire to affiliate with global rankings and academic accreditation.

-Diversify sources of funding to achieve a sustainable financial future.

- Openness to all institutions (public& private) for community development.*

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