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University Council
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University Council

Secretariat of  university Council

         The Council is the University’s principal executive and policy-making body. It is responsible for the academic policy and strategic direction of the University, for its administration, and for the management of its finances and property . Secretariat of the University Council is related to the head of the University Council (the president of the university) ,division equivalent , performs the following tasks:

1. Prepare,organize  and follow up  reports , verify  certifications in order to be submitted to the ministry.
2. Editting  University Council correspondences  and documenting  necessary reports.
3. Circulating  Council received and issued documents .
4. Following-up the  ministry procedures relevant to   university reports .
5. Preparing  Council members' schedules  and required supplies for  council meetings .
6. Following-up  reports of  colleges and university Council meetings.
7.  Archiving and preservation of documents and reports of meetings .
8. Other tasks assigned by the University Council or the president of the university.

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