Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
وزارة التعليم العالي و البحث العلمي
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 Government Websites The Republic Presidency Prime Ministry Council  Of Representatives General Secretariat Of The Council Of Ministers

Kurdistan Regional Government


Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Circulate of Development and Research

  E-Government of Circulate of Development and Research

The Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Communication

The Ministry of Youth and Sports The Ministry of Transportation

The Ministry of Industry and Minerals

The Ministry of Trade

The Ministry of Health The Ministry of Migration and Displaced

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Environment

The Ministry of the Interior

The Ministry of Oil

The Ministry of Defense

The Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Electricity The Ministry of Construction and Housing

The Ministry of Planning
Foundation of Technical Education

Universities' Websites

University of Kufa

University of Baghdad

Al-Nahrain University

University of Mosul

University of Basrah

University of Babylon

University of Diyala University of Kerbala

University of Anbar

Tikrit University

Wasit University

University of Misan

Al-Muthana University

University of Kirkuk

University of Thi- Qar

Al-Iraqia University

Salahaddin University

Koya University

University of Kurdistan

University of Duhok

University of Sulaimani

Hawler Medical University University of Smarra

Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University

University of Information Technology and Communication

 University of Technology

Al-Qadisyah University

Al-Karkh University for Science

Private Universities and Colleges

Baghdad college of pharmacy

Dijlah university college

Alrafidain university college

Almansour university college

Heritage University College Al-Mamon University College

Almaaref University College

Al-Hadba University College Ahl-Al-Bait University

Madenat Alelem University College

The Islamic University College
The College of Humanities Al-Kindy College of Medicine - University of Baghdad

Al-Sadic University

Iraq University College

Arab and World Academic Institutions

Minia University

The University of Jordan

College of Engineering Technology –Houn

South Ural State University


Important Websites

Useful Tools for Researchers

Chart Composing Tools

 E-questionnaires (Survey Planet)

Management and Registration of References and Quotations (Referencing Made Easy)

Reformation of Quotations (Spintpot


Website for the research authenticity test and Pilgrims (Plagscan)

Google Scholar

Scientific Journals

Refseek of Scientific, Higher Studies Journals


100 Thousand Scientific Journals

Free downloading website for PhD, M.A. thesis


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