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0   Registration Division This Division is working on the registration of new students (morning - evening) Fezla from issuing orders savings of Read More
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The first session of the College Council  Under the chairmanship of the Dean, Dr. Amer Yas Al Qaisi, the Board of the College of Basic Education held its first meeting for the academic year 2018-2019, in the presence of the assistants of the Dean for scientific and administrative affairs and the heads of all departmen Read More

Under the patronage of the Dean of the Faculty of Basic Education, Dr. Amer Yas Al-Qaisi and under the direct supervision of Read More
Promotion of successful and completed students' transfer forms was started from 8/9 to 9/1 and the transport includes the se Read More
To the students of Marrakna, they decided to consider a year of non-repetition for students who will be admittedTheir restrictio Read More
The Registration Division of the Faculty of Basic Education continues to introduce students' faculties for the central accep Read More
The registration department at the Faculty of Basic Education completed the system of success rates for the academic year 2016-2 Read More
The registration department at the Faculty of Basic Education has reviewed the documents of students accepted for the academic y Read More

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