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0 Quality and performance guarantee university Division This Division has introduced in the 7/12/2008 to ensure the educational quality of the product Read More
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Self assessment

    The Quality Assurance and University Performance Division of the College completed the process of preparing the self-assessment report for 2017-2018 in cooperation with all divisions, divisions and units of the College. Read More

  The Legal Department at the College holds a course in (Civil Service Law) Wael Munther, and aimed at officials of the Read More
Prof. Fayez Al-Shara, Chairman of the Examination Committee at the Mustansiriya University Colleges, visited the College of Bas Read More
Dr. Amer Yas Al Qaisi, Dean of the Faculty of Basic Education, began on Saturday 25-5-2019 the final exams for the second semest Read More
The Department of Scientific Affairs and the Division of Studies, Planning and Following-up in the college of Basic Education and Read More
With the start of the second semester of 2018-2019 Professor Dr. Amer Yas al-Qaisi, Dean of the College on Sunday morning, 2019/2 Read More
Under the patronage of the Dean of the Faculty of Basic Education, Prof. Dr. Amer Yas Al-Qaisi, the Quality Assurance and Univer Read More

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